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Residential Projects

the side return garden area was in-filled to create a kitchen and dining area to open out on to the garden, which is soon to be remodelled to create an additional ‘room’. a party wall agreement was made with a cooperating neighbour to increase the height of the proposed extension beyond the local authorities prescribed height. this allowed for the lofty side aisle which has been designed to let lots of sculptured natural day light in to the open space. technology such as electric smoke curtains, fire rated screens and integrated smoke alarms have been integrated in to the proposal to enable the opening up of the ground floor plan. the design and building of bespoke joinary items and the customising of new new joinery items such as the kitchen, were used to enhance the proposal.


externally, the scheme manifests itself at ground floor by protruding beyond the existing ground floor rear brick elevation, with a contrasting material ‘sto’ through colour render and lead block.

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